What Is Stress? Why and how it affect chronic pain.?

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Stress is like the air, it is a normal, natural function of life. Once a while, or almost every day, we hear somebody or friends and family members say the familiar expressions, “I am stressed out,” “these people or works stress me” or “the exams has lots of stresses.”  In our normal, a little stress is a good thing,  we are alert and aware of the environment, but a lot of stresses and long term stress are not good for the body system.

Stress is hard to diagnose, because it is different from one person to the next.  Each person has different tolerance for stress, especially with chronic pain patients.  Chronic pain patients suffer lots of stress, because it is not normal to deal with pain 24/7.   The additional stresses can cause chronic pain patients to act abnormal, and react to situations differently.

Generally, we have our own mechanism to deal and adapt to external stress.  Our body’s adaptation response to changes in our environment.

Stress can cause emotional, physical and habitual mental disorders, which may affect people’s health, vita signs, peace of mind, as well as personal and professional life http://genericoitalia.it/.

Over months and years, stress weakens our immune system and make us susceptible to different illnesses from backaches, heart-diseases and even simple colds. Chronic stress may in effect multiply our risk of having a major stroke or heart attack.

Stress may also lead to mental health when you worry too much about difficult financial situations, family illnesses, or experience an devastating event, such as lay-off, divorce or family member disappear.

Majority of our stresses come from our daily responsibilities.  Pressures and obligations, which are both emotional and physical are not always obvious to us.   To adapt to these everday stressors, the body automatically increases heart rate, metabolism change, blood pressure, shorter breathing,  oxygen flow to distal muscle areas.  This response is intended to induce the body react momentary and effectively to a high pressure situation.

However, when the body is continuously, for a long time, reacting to stressful conditions without making adjustments to counter the effects, the body will feel stress, which can threaten your health and well-being.

Chronic stress de-energize a person, we need small, once a while stress, but chronic stress is taxing the body and the mental reactions and bring people to extreme actions.  The chronic stress person need to seek professional help, to find the root cause and alleviate the stressors.

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