Pain Management researches about spiritual meditation

In the Western culture, spiritual meditation is a young concept, that is not very deep rooted with western civilization. People practice meditation for days and months, and then they judge the results.
People expect to see results of meditation after a few sessions. It is in an instant coffee culture. Now, I want it now. I meditate and then I see result. However, meditation is a long term process. It does not promise instant success. Meditation is part of your life, you meditate because it is in grain in your muscles, it is part of your lifestyle. You don’t see it work, you buy insurance and it can be twelve years , and when you need your insurance it is there, you don’t test to see it works. Insurance is part of the western culture, people go to work for the government offices and they have insurance to cover their health. They don’t expect the insurance to work, but they know it is there.
Meditation is the same you practice as a way to relief your pain, to calm your nervous system. You meditate as a method to manage your pain. You do it every day, you know that it works, you don’t question.
Even medical doctors who are interested in alternative complimentary model with the Western medical program, are lacking the knowledge, and have doubts about meditation. The doctors with the right intention, apply for grants from NIH, the National Institute of Health, to do the study about meditation and its effect on chronic pain. After a long, complicated application grant process, the National Institute of Health gives the medical a limited grant, with a limited amount of money, the doctors set out to study the protocol. The results mostly ” ah meditation is good but it has no significant benefits, it is unproven with respect to chronic pain management.
The conclusion is so simple after a few months of study about pain management and meditation, the western medical doctors conclude that at the end of the grant period, they cannot find any significant benefit and meditation is stop right there. Well, may be the system is broken, the money grant is running out, and the system is based on the money. Meditation works in long term ten twenty years, not short term, instant success as the instant western culture expects it to work
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