Pain Management doctor – Dr. Columbus

In the tampa bay newspaper, there is news about pain management doctor Dr. Lynne Columbus, she is a well-known doctor in the Tampa bay area. She is about 50 years old and practices in Clearwater office. She is an anesthesiologist with many years experiences, and performs different modalities.
She has worked with top physical therapist, and spoke firmly about regulating pill mills in Florida, in the past.

Dr. Lynne Columbus has lots of experiences in pain management and has multiple certificates or credentials in the field of pain management
I believe that it is in today tv news and newspaper that Dr. Lynne Columbus has some legal issue with respect to pain medication.
It is sad that she does not consult with other pain management doctors for treatment.
Sometimes, we wonder the reason or logical of our thoughts.
I pray for her and hope that some positive things will come out of her situation.
The stress of a medical career can hit you hard and unexpected. I am really sorry to know this situation and hope that Dr. Lynne Columbus is safe and has energy to deal with the nightmare situation

We live long enough to see things happen in a weird way. Be strong and hope for the best. Hope that God or Divinity guides us to the right decisions.

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