Why Your Chronic Pain Just Doesn’t leave.

As you start reading this, you are thinking and might be wishing for a miracle medical remedy for those nasty ouches on
your lower back.

herniated disc
herniated disc

Well, so am I. But let me tell you that there’s no such thing as a ‘miracle remedy’. It’s
just a myth or something these clinical companies make up as part of their magical marketing strategy. They

do provide excellent temporary relief from chronic pain, but that’s just it – temporary, still not a panacea.

So, why isn’t still there a cure for these angry red spots after years of research and millions of
dollars spent? Why is finding a cure so darn hard?
Back Pain and especially chronic back pain  is a multi-factorial phenomenon.  Meaning, it’s not just herniated gel sponges causing ache and pain – it’s a lot of things.

Looking for a cure should target all of these factors, which is almost impossible if not impossible to do. Topical heat and cold lotion products can penetrate the skin layers,

heck they even promise to pain relief in one or two days.

Whatever. But what if your lifestyle makes it impossible for these products to work? What if you were pre-wired to have back pain?
What if it was in your work, your jobs? Can these products make you change your lifestyle?  Of course not. Because with this
genetic predisposition, there is some kind of a break in your protective spinal column that makes you
more vulnerable to factors such as lift heavy weight, continuous back bending, chemicals, stress, and diet. Result? Back pain.
Luckily, these are modifiable factors, which mean they can be changed for your own benefit.
There may not be a cure, but who says we need a cure? Prevention is all that we need right now, really.
So if you think you have done everything conceivable to stop chronic back pain, you might be wondering
where you have gone wrong. Believe me, I’ve been there.
Right here I’m going to give you some things you might be doing wrong and hopefully make
some changes.
1. Sugar.
I know exactly what you’re thinking. Aren’t sugar products good viagra 50 mg pfizer?  No, it does NOT, but remember your back is more important than
the cup cake, the cup of sugar. Cut down sugar.  Using more than one creates more problem than it’s worth.  The harsh reality is that sugar triggers pain.
The combined chemicals will irritate your back pain. Result? More chronic diseases.
2. Stresses
Too much stresses are the most important factors affect chronic pain disease.   Try meditation, simple breathes in and breathe out deeply.

As you breath deeply, you exhale more carbon dioxide out of your body and inhale in more oxygen, the new oxygen will travel to your back area, there will be immediate exchange of new nutrition at the pain sites.
3. You hate fruits veggies and water
I wouldn’t even try to lecture you on how important these two things are. Tips: Drink  at least two (2) Liters  of
water/day; (two liters equal half a gallon); one (1) Liter by lunch time. Have three (3) servings of fruits and veggies/day.
4.  Don’t go too Crazy about junk food, nuts, oily foods and dairy products
Surprised? I guess not. But seriously, you need to stop this junks. Tips: Cut out on the oil. If you eat fried foods, dab them with tissue paper. You’ll be surprised
at how much fat you’ve saved yourself from. Drink soy milk instead of fresh/skim/powdered milk. Eat yogurt regularly as it is the only dairy product good for your body.

So there you have many tips to control chronic pain diseases.  We have lot of experiences with chronic pain relief, and lower back pain is the most common form of chronic pain condition. We wish you take care of your pain and if you need more information we are here to relief your chronic lower back pain.  Call us now to discuss your diseases and your situation.  Our phone is 727 548-1111.

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