Easy Exercises to Relieve Pain

Most patients suffer from pain for a long period of time. You might find that it is hard to exercise. You might think that doing any exercise is even bad for your muscles. But, as a matter of fact, researchers found that daily exercise may benefit pain in many ways.

Pain Management is more than just physical therapy and pain medications. It includes exercises. You do not necessarily have to build strength while you are recovering from lower back pain; you must exercise to maintain strength in your body. Maintain muscle memory. Circulate the blood. Build energy. A lot of people think that you must exercise a lot or do not exercise at all. I strongly believe that this kind of thinking needs to be fixed. It is simple to say but hard to do.

In an ideal world, doctors would prescribe exercise, patients would follow the instructions, and then there would be significantly fewer “preventable” health problems. But we do not live in an ideal world, so what should doctors do? How do people with lower back pain exercise when it is hard to do? How can physicians help patients in relieving pain (besides medicine/therapy)? The key is to practice easy, small motions. Successful pain management depends on easy exercises, not extraneous, elaborated functions.

This article is intentionally short and easy to read so that you will get a feel for what kind of exercise is needed for your lower back pain. Build good habits. Practice easy exercise.